Saturday, March 31, 2012

Manga Review: Dengeki Daisy, Volume 6, by Kyousuke Motomi

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5-4
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 11+

Goodreads Synopsis:

Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audience T+. Teru and Kurosaki continue to investigate the fake DAISY incident and are on the verge of solving the case when Teru gets kidnapped! What does the kidnapper want with her, and will Kutosaki be able to rescue her in time?!


I think it's been too long since I last read volume 5 (again, not my fault; no store seemed to want to have this volume in, but were okay with all the others), because my excitement for it has dimmed. A lot. Which I'm a little upset by, because I know I really like this series, but still didn't enjoy it as much as I have before.
The volume opens with Teru having a dream conversation with her brother, which is sweet. Then we see her waking up in Kurosaki's arms, which is so cute. But then the chapter, and volume, progresses and we see that it's still about the fake daisy hacker, and how their teacher might have/did do it, as well as stab some other girl (which I really don't remember happening, and am bothered by that; especially because I couldn't look over the last volume, as my friend has it), and that other teacher, the girl, might somehow be the mastermind behind all of it. This was interesting. To the extent that I remembered. I'm not going to get too into it, though, in an effort not to spoil it all, but there were parts that were sweet and very exciting. Some of the things from the last volume were a bit of a blur, since it's been so long, but I caught up to what was happening, for the most part. But, for a little while, I was wondering why we were still on this subject, why it hadn't been resolved already, as I'd thought we were moving on to something else now.
Although, some of it was really good. In the second chapter, for instance, when Teru gets kidnapped and does something pretty awesome (although, at first, was a bit too cliché to my liking) to the bad girl teacher.
Most of that got resolved in this volume, though. We found out who did it, but there is still more to the story, more to be revealed, as well as turning in or capturing the woman who did it all. And, near the end of the volume, Teru unknowingly runs into some guy named Akira (he has dark hair and is always wearing a hoodie, who apparently looks a bit like her brother), who I believe we have seen, but only in glimpses, before.
Aside from that, there were some nice romantic scenes. Kurosaki saves Teru at one point, and he holds her close and she calls him daisy, but then she passes out and forgets it all, which sucks. In the last chapter, he takes care of a dog, and there are several moments then. Including the ending, where he wants to touch her but doesn't because it's a bad idea, and so tells her to go away. It was so adorable. And at the end, there are two holiday themed shorts, which are both adorable as well.
It is so obvious how they feel about each other, and with Kurosaki already knowing that Teru knows about him being Daisy. They are so cute together, and I just want it to get out already. I want them to talk, and for them to kiss, and get it out and work through everything that needs worked through (like what Kurosaki thinks he did wrong, and maybe did, involving Teru's brother, that Teru will forgive him for). I want it to happen already.
I am enjoying this series, it's just not as charming, or exciting, as I remember, or want it to be. Although, the more I think about it, the better it's getting. Hopefully, when I read the next one, it will be even better.

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