Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Origins (Sweep/Wicca, #11), by Cate Tiernan

Rating (Out of 5): ~3 (Maybe ~3.5)
Publisher: Penguin (Speak)
Spoilers?: Some.

Goodreads Synopsis:

The chronicle of the deadly Woodbane conspiracy, as told by one of Morgan's own ancestors, has fallen into Hunter's and Morgan's hands. Hunter and Morgan explore the world of these powerful witches, to find a way to vanquish them at last.


This is a really good series. It's long, and I started it a long time ago, but each book's usually pretty short books, and they (usually) aren't hard to get through, either. Lately, though, they seem to be dragging on to other things...
Usually we get to read about Morgan, and Hunter. The last book focused quite a bit on Hunter, as he went to visit his father and met a not-so-good lady. This book starts with Hunter returning, and telling Morgan about what happened. What happened, sucked, and I do mostly blame the woman, but Hunter's at fault as well, and Morgan realizes this. She's not happy, and I'm looking forward to how she's going to handle it and how their relationship is going to change.
We don't get to see how things change, though, because the rest of the book is about someone else. While away, Hunter found a book of shadows, and they read it. The author of it, Rose, is an ancestor of Morgan's, who created the dark wave that they are still fighting.
She fell in love with someone from an enemy coven, and when she's pulled away from him, and is also accused of being a witch, she doesn't feel bad about creating something that burns down villages.
I did not like Rose. I didn't mind her at first, but by the end, I could not stand her. I even almost paused the book, about halfway through, but decided against it since it's so short and I wanted to just get it over with. (It didn't help much, though, that I didn't particularly care about her story, and instead wanted to get back to Morgan and Hunter.) But I wouldn't call it terrible or anything.
I want to read the next one soon, but I'm having a hard time getting myself to do it because I think that it also goes into other points of view, and I only want to read the main story line, not about their ancestors and all that. I really only care about Morgan, Hunter, and their close friends, and want to only read about them being together. Not going into the past, or future, or any of that.
The last few books have strayed, though, to being almost only in Hunter's head, or in someone completely different's, and I'm not enjoying it all that much. It's still a good series, though, and I don't think there are that many left, though (fifteen, I think?), so I might just go get it and hurry through the last few.

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