Friday, March 30, 2012

Manga Review: La Corda d'Oro, Volume 14, by Yuki Kure

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 17

Goodreads Synopsis:

  At Seisou’s annual school festival, hearts are pumping, blood is pounding...and Kahoko’s love life is heating up. Ryotaro takes a break from the sports competition to make a private confession, Aoi asks Kahoko to play Juliet to his Romeo in the class play and even Len lets slip that he has human emotions. But before Kahoko can decide where her heart lies, she has another problem to tackle—the festival’s big music recital!


I really like this series. I watched the anime several years ago, and then started the series. And it's been so long since volume 13 came out, plus it was hard to find this volume, so it was a little weird to be reading it again. Good, because I missed it, but I couldn't remember completely what had happened last time. I did miss the characters, though, so it was nice to get to read about them again. (But I just noticed that it's complete in Japan now, with only three volumes left! Does that mean we won't have so long to wait for the next one?)
In this volume, the school is focusing on their school festival. In the first chapter, they have sports day, where Ryotaro, Aoi, Kazuki, and Keiichi are competing. They had a little competition going on, which was fun. (It was a surprise to see Keiichi competing, doing something sporty. Later in the volume, he sings, too. We're learning all kinds of things about him in this volume.) Also, Ryotaro talks to Kahoko when she gets hurt, and says that he has something to tell her, but it can wait until after the music contest.
By the end of the volume, he still hasn't told her, and she's been worried about it the whole time. She wants to know what it is, and even guesses that it's about him liking her, but then pushes that thought away. I'm excited for it. Also, what everyone else will think. Aoi has been openly flirting with her, and asks her to the dance with him (which she says yes to). Kazuki is always paying attention to her. It also seems like Len is thinking about her more often. Romantic feelings are all over the place, and I'm hoping something big happens with them soon. (Honestly, I love all of them, Kazuki and Ryotaro especially, but I'm Team Len. I think she would work best with him.)
In the next chapter, they start talking more about the contest, and practicing. Kahoko finds out that Aoi used to play the violin, but now plays the viola, even as he denies that he's any good. (He has mixed feelings about it for some reason, and I'm curious to find out why.) He also doesn't want anyone to know, but everyone finds out, accidentally, and Kohako pushes him to perform. They do a, not-very-good, impromptu concert. We also get to see Aoi in his Romeo costume, as his class is doing the play, Azuma and Kazuki in suits, for, I think, a cafe, and Keiichi dressed as a ghost for the haunted house.
Also, Ryotaro and Len talk some, where Len asks what Ryotaro likes about Kahoko, and he tells him something about his going abroad. I'm thinking it's that he's leaving earlier than expected, but it isn't said.
In the last chapter, they all perform (for some reason, all but Len in a group, with Len doing two songs after them), and then go to the dance. Kahoko dances, a little, with Keiichi, then Aoi, and then Kazuki (who blushes; he is so adorable), and after the dance, with Azuma, who also harasses her a little.
Throughout the volume, there are three short stories. Two of them are with the rest of the chapters, and are just fun things about sports day and the school festival. In one, we find out that Kazuki is hoping to be a music teacher, which I guessed and makes total sense; in the other, Len is offended by everyone's reaction to him never having tried Takoyaki. At the end, there's one about Kanazawa and Akihiko (another teacher, I think? I don't remember...), who is related to Kiriya, who we met in the last volume. Kiriya is apparently planning on applying for the school next year.
I like this series. It's really good, and I love all of the characters. But it's starting to bother me a little bit, how many guys are falling for Kahoko. Almost all of them, if not all, have feelings for her, and it's a little ridiculous. I mean, yea, I do like Kahoko, but that's a bit much.
Still, I'm looking forward to the next one (which I already have, so that will be up very soon), and especially for when the boys confess. I want to see that happen, and am hoping Ryotaro does it in the next book.

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