Sunday, September 16, 2012

Manga Review: Marmalade Boy, Volume 3, by Wataru Yoshizumi

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Publisher: Tokyopop
Volumes: 8

Goodreads Synopsis:

And you thought your family was strange? Miki's world gets turned upside down when her parents swap spouses with another couple and all decide to live together under one roof. It only gets weirder when Miki falls in love with her new stepbrother Like a dysfunctional version of the Brady Bunch, Marmalade Boy will hook readers with its odd premise and wacky relationships.


I am being a bit slow with this series, mainly with the reviewing thing. It’s been about a week, at least, since I read this volume, because I am slow and lazy.
Anyway, this volume starts with Miki and Yuu hanging out, going shopping, celebrating their Christmas together, since their parents are gone and school is on break. Then Arimi and Ginta, and Rokutanda (the guy from the tennis match), show up and crash their tiny party. Ginta gets alone with Miki, and gives her an ultimatum: either go out with him or he’ll give up on her and go out with Arimi. She tells him she needs some time, and then talks with him when school starts.
I really liked her decision on this, and how she put it. She told him that she likes him, but she also likes Yuu, and it wouldn’t be fair to drag him along when she has these feelings, so he should go out with Arimi. He’s a bit crushed by her decision, understandably.
Miki’s still upset about all this when she runs into Arimi, who lies to her, and then finds Ginta at her house, where he tells her that the whole thing with Arimi was just to get her jealous. He makes a move on her, and again, Yuu interrupts and pulls her into the house. Later, Miki has a small conversation about Yuu with Arimi and then a more normal chat with Ginta, then the volume moves onto a different plot.
The rest of the volume focuses on Meiko and Nachan’s relationship. The school has found out about it, and so all the students have, and so Miki has. She’s upset with Meiko for not telling her, and when Meiko tells her that she doesn’t need any friends, they have a fight and stop talking. Nachan then decides to resign and move back home, to help his parents and take over the family business. Meiko is very upset and tries to go with him, and while he doesn’t want to be away from her, he doesn’t let her. This is when Miki and Meiko finally make up, work things out.
The one thing I felt odd about this, is that no one seemed to think it was a big deal that the two had a relationship. Miki and Yuu’s parents thought it was just fine. Maybe things are different over there, or it’s the fact that they aren’t too far apart in age, but everyone seemed cool with it. Where I’m from, everyone is appalled at even the thought of a teacher/student having a thing. Although theirs didn’t bother me, because they did genuinely love each other, and their ages weren’t that far apart. I actually enjoyed their relationship and am sad to see it end; I’m curious about what’s going to happen with Meiko next.
Anyway, the volume ends with Yuu having a weird conversation with, who he finds out later is, the student body president. They talk mildly about books, and the guy offers Yuu over to look at his collection. Yuu only takes him up on the offer after finding out the guys’ name is Miwa. I’m guessing he knows someone the guys’ related to, but I’m sure we’ll find out early in the next volume. Which I plan to start very soon.

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