Sunday, December 29, 2013

Manga Review: Attack on Titan, Volume 4, by Hajime Isayama

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publish Date: March, 2013
Volumes: 12+
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:


The Survey Corps develop a risky gambit – have Eren in Titan form attempt to repair Wall Rose, reclaiming human territory from the monsters for the first time in a century. But Titan-Eren’s self-control is far from perfect, and when he goes on a rampage, not even Armin can stop him! With the survival of humanity on his massive shoulders, will Eren be able to return to his senses, or will he lose himself forever?


I am just so impressed with this series. And so surprisingly happy that I picked it up, because of how much I’m enjoying it.
I don’t really understand the logistics of what’s happening with Eren, but it’s really frickin’ cool. I like seeing Armin growing, standing up, helping his friends, using his smarts. I’m still just loving Mikasa, she’s so awesome. I’m really intrigued by Captain Levi. He seems supportive and nice, but also maybe arrogant and depressing (or just depressed, maybe, but that could just be his face). I’m still intrigued by where his relationship with Mikasa and Eren is going to go; and I think that him and Mikasa could work well together, because of how good they are.
There was a lot of backstory in this volume, of back when the three were still training. I like getting all this backstory mixed in with the current plot. It gives good insight, good background, and it lets us get to know the other, more minor, characters a lot better. I’m still getting used to all the other people. (Also, somewhat sidenote: on the back cover, there’s a lineup of characters. I’m pretty sure I recognized Mikasa and Eren, and some of the others, on it, but not Armin. Am I missing him, or is he really not there? Is there a reason behind that?)
I like Eren and Mikasa’s relationship. And I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t bother me that their relationship hasn’t been defined much aside from their obvious caring and loving of each other. They’ve taken on a somewhat brother-sister relationship, but it could also move beyond that. Someone even mistakenly called Eren Mikasa’s boyfriend at some point. I want to see their relationship explored, but romance isn’t important in this series, because they all have much more important things going on. Maybe it’s just a refreshing outlook for me or something and that’s why I wanted to point it out, seeing as how I read so much romance.
Anyway, this volume ended rather horribly, as most up to now have, and I’m very excited to read the next one.

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