Monday, February 16, 2015

Manga Review: Inu x Boku SS, Volume 6, by Cocoa Fujiwara

Rating (Out of 5): ~4.5
Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Volumes: 11
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 5. 7.

Goodreads Synopsis:

To get better acquainted - and, in some cases, reacquainted - with each other, the residents of Ayakashi Hall spend the last weeks of summer break at a seaside vacation spot. Between beach basking and tests of courage, Ririchiyo slowly warms to her new cohorts, but the one resident who never seems to betray his emotions is Miketsukami - and the group is determined to fix that! Will her efforts to unmask Soushi expose the truth of who he is - that is, who he is not?


Every volume of this series just tears me up inside a little more. I love it and I want to cry because of it, all at the same time. I just… I don’t know how to handle it most of the time. I pout and cry and grin with the characters, and it’s horrible and lovely, and just… ugh. Hard on all of my emotions.
Ririchiyo comes to a revelation this volume, and that’s hard on everyone. But things with Soushi are still… iffy. Unsure. Mysterious. Because we still don’t really know Soushi anymore, and we don’t know what he knows. Even with everything Ririchiyo has had to come to grips with, we haven’t had enough interactions with the now Soushi to know what he’s doing.
On the bright side, we got to see more of Roromiya, and finally got to see the new Watanuki. Their relationship now, because of the age difference, is a bit more difficult. But above all, Roromiya is so sweet. She makes both Watanuki and Ririchiyo see what they need to, by being honest. She’s so great.
I’m still getting over the change everyone has gone through. It’s a little weird, and the middle flashback chapter in this volume makes me miss how it was before even more. And then there’s that cliffhanger, and I just want to know what happens next. There’s obviously more to come, and I really want to know what it is. I hate it and I love it, because it tears me up inside.

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