Sunday, February 16, 2014

Novel Review: Deliciously Sinful by Lilli Feisty

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group)
Release Date: 2011
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Things are cooking in the kitchen...and the bedroom.

Restaurant owner Phoebe Mayle thought she had it all under control. Sure, her new chef has a bad-boy reputation - and a chiseled body to match - but she's positive she can whip him into shape.

But from the moment Nick Avalon roars into town in his Hummer, he makes her whole world sizzle. Now Phoebe has lost control of her kitchen, and Nick has taken over her mind and her body. His insatiable appetite for pleasure leaves her breathless with carnal cravings only he can satisfy. Yet can their hunger for each other be a recipe for a love that lasts?

The Cover:

The cover is embarrassing, yes, but I also kind of like it. It's just rather fitting, I'm not sure why. The couple, the position, the way they're touching each other and undressing, the color--the whole thing just really fits with Phoebe and Nick, and I like that.


  • "'I’m in charge of a lot of things. I have to be confident and sure of myself. The minute you back down, people start to run you over.’” (Mass Market Paperback, pg. 169)
  • "'Every girl should go to Paris, at least once.’” (Pg. 205)
  • "'And at the end of the day, you need to make yourself happy. And you’re the only one who can do that.’” (Pg. 207)
  • "'You’ve been through a lot of loss in your life, Phoebe, and survived with a smile.’” (Pg. 277)


I surprisingly enjoyed this book a lot. I thought it would be good, but I was a little unsure by how much, and so I’m glad I really liked it.
I loved the attraction between Phoebe and Nick. The progression was nicely paced, it was apparent and very believable. They fought it a little too much at times, but they still fell into it really easily, and it was nice and intense at times. They were really good together, Phoebe had a frustratingly hard time accepting it, and I liked how they evened each other out. And the sexy parts were rather hot, and I really liked those. Some of them a little kinky, one in particular with a whisk (that so many people mention!). And while none of them mentioned or had a hugely apparent D/s element to them, I liked the subtle elements of it, particularly how Phoebe’s feelings were of the submissive variety, and how well that was done.
I liked the main plot line with the restaurant, and how that worked for Phoebe and Nick. There was a smaller plot with Phoebe’s niece, Jesse, and I really wanted to know where that went, but it kind of went nowhere, which bothers me. There was also a smaller plot with Phoebe’s brother in law and Nick’s friend, which I would have liked to see more of, but did like the little glimpses that were given. 
So far I’ve really enjoyed Feisty’s writing and stories and characters, a lot. Even when it’s not kinky, it’s hot. The character are well-rounded, the story well done, and the writing is pretty and easy to get into, the sex and attraction is well done, the humor is nice. I know she has at least one other novel out, so I hope to get my hands on it sometime soon.

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