Monday, January 25, 2016

Manga Review: The Complete Chi's Sweet Home, Part 1, by Konami Kanata

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Vertical Comics
Release Date: July 2015
Volumes: 12.
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 2.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Chi is a michievous newborn kitten who, while on a leisurely stroll with her family, finds herself lost. Seperated from the warmth and protection of her mother, feels distraught. Overcome with loneliness she breaks into tears in a large urban park meadow., when she is suddenly rescued by a young boy named Yohei and his mother. The kitty is then quickly and quietly whisked away into the warm and inviting Yamada family apartment…where pets are strictly not permitted.

The complete Chi’s Sweet Home collects the first three volumes of this hit series and includes never before translated comics from Konami Kanata in a new larger trim size!


Since I hadn’t gotten around to collecting the single volumes of this series, this huge omnibus gave me a good opportunity to do so. This book contains the first three volumes of the series, with some extras, and it’s still all in color. It’s a very pretty, heavy book.
The book starts with Chi getting separated from her mother and siblings. Lost in this big world, she stumbled upon a family who happily take her in. Temporarily at first, since their apartment doesn’t allow pets, they struggle with the decision whether to keep or get rid of her, as they grow increasingly attached.
The antics in this book are adorable. Everything is new to Chi, and she’s a curious little kitty. She lives with a family of three: a mother, father, and their son. The mother tries being strict, the father wants Chi to love him, and the son just enjoys playing with the kitty. They all fawn over Chi and clearly love her, and it’s very sweet to watch. Chi also explores the outside world, and meets an older “bear”-cat who guides her at times about being a cat.
The story is told in short chapters, very episodic, but with an overall story of Chi wanting a home and finding it with the Yamada’s. I like that it’s all in color, and the expressions and chaos is easily shown. It’s a very cute story, and I’m looking forward to picking up the next big volume of it. Recommended for any age, really.

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