Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Manga Review: Missions of Love, Volume 11, by Ema Toyama

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: October 2015
Volumes: 19.
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 10. 12.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Cell phone novelist Yukina Himuro has decided that, in order to satisfy her fans' demand for love stories, she must experience romance firsthand. But with her icy reputation, how can she find someone willing to play the part of boyfriend? By blackmailing the most popular boy in school, of course!


The release of this series has slowed down immensely, and I’m not sure why. It sucks, mostly, because I want more.
The cliffhanger from the last volume introduces a new character, Shigure’s brother, who clearly tormented Mami in the past. But that all falls on the backburner for the majority of this volume, as Yukina is forced to choose between Shigure and Akira.
And, frustrating enough, she chooses wrong. Her impulsive action proves wrong when she has a hard time continuing her cell phone story, and can’t keep Shigure off her mind. But she doesn’t know how to take it back, and she doesn’t want to hurt or lose Akira, even if she only sees him as a brother.
Even if I’m frustrated with Yukina’s decision, and I feel so bad for Akira (and Mami, since I like her with Akira), I do enjoy the depth to her story we see. Yukina can’t figure out what to do with Shigure’s character, and thus immerses herself in his head. This shows her Shigure in a new light, and that makes it even harder to stay with Akira.
At the end of the volume, we got to see how Yukina’s parents met, and what Akira’s father had to do with it. It was adorable.
I miss this series, and I am not looking forward to the wait for the next one.

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