Friday, January 15, 2016

Novel Review: Ninth Key (The Mediator, #2) by Meg Cabot

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Genre: YA Supernatural Romance
Publisher: Avalon (Simon & Schuster)
Release Date: 2001
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Ghosts ruin everything. Especially your love life.

Everything is going great for Suze. Her new life in California is a whirlwind of parties and excellent hair days. Tad Beaumont, the hottest boy in town, has even asked Suze out on her very first date. Suze is so excited that she's willing to ignore her misgivings about Tad... particularly the fact that he's not Jesse, whose ghostly status - not to mention apparent disinterest in her - make him unattainable.

What Suze can't ignore, however, is the ghost of a murdered woman whose death seems directly connected to dark secrets hidden in none other than Tad Beaumont's past.

The Cover:

These covers are very meh to me. They're plain, boring, don't make me want to pick up the book. But they're kind of fitting for the genre, I guess. Definitely could be better, though.


This series is surprisingly more enjoyable than I thought it would be. If I had read it in middle school, or even high school, I would have eaten it up. I should have read it then.
In this second book, Suze is trying to live normally, trying to fall for a high school boy who pays her attention instead of her ghost roommate. When a ghost keeps waking her up screaming at night, she’s forced to investigate the woman’s death and her relation to her kind-of-boyfriend’s father. It gets messy, but Suze doesn’t let anything deter her, and keeps forcing her way forward, into and out of trouble, while trying to keep her family in the dark about her abilities.
Even though the writing, the exaggeration, is definitely meant more for a middle school/early high school age, this series is surprisingly fun to read, and very fast to get through, in the same way as Mary-Janice Davidson. Suze’s attraction to Jesse is obvious, and I enjoy his protectiveness over her. I like Suze’s interactions with Father Dominic, his strict teachings with her easy-going way of everything. I still think that Suze’s little stepbrother Doc is adorable, and I wanted to see Suze’s talk with him at the end of the book more fully.
Even though this series isn’t really for me at this point, I’m still tempted to pick up the next one.

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