Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Manga Review: Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, Volume 8, by Arina Tanemura

Rating (Of of 5): ~3-3.5
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 11+

Goodreads Synopsis:

Sakura is the granddaughter of a mysterious moon princess who slew demons with her Blood Cherry Blossom sword. All her life Sakura has been forbidden to look at the full moon without knowing why. Then one night, unhappy over her impending marriage, Sakura gazes up at the moon, only to see a demon attacking her...

Enju and the followers of the moon are nowhere to be found after the destruction of the hidden palace. Sakura has returned with Aoba, but the lovers may soon be parted again. The emperor has asked Aoba to take another bride...

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It’s been a while since I read any of this series, and for some reason I tend to have a hard time holding onto what happened in each volume. I think I’m just, still, not as excited for this series as I would like to be. I’m sticking around for each volume, but still…
In this volume, some drama between Aoba and Sakura arose, in which Aoba is being forced to choose a concubine, otherwise known as a mistress, I believe, but maybe even another wife? But Sakura doesn’t know that he’s being forced into choosing, and then she meets the girl, who is very nice to her but not-so-nice behind her back, and Aoba accidentally spends the night with the girl, and Sakura gets upset and slaps him. Mostly the problem with this is that the elders, or whatever, are forcing Aoba into it and then that he didn’t talk to Sakura about it.
Anyway, the girl, Princess Yuri, wants Aoba all to herself, purposely got Aoba drunk so he would have to stay the night with her, and is definitely plotting something against Sakura. And then Sakura, upset about Aoba, runs to Fujimurasaki, the Togu’s, place, where he lies to Aoba, and then tells Sakura that he loves her. Ohh, drama, right?
Also, during all this, Asagiri is running around, trying to get something back for Sakura, being all secretive about it. It’s sweet, and stuff. And there’s some kissing between Sakura and Aoba, and some funny moments, and, you know, all that good stuff.
At the end of the book, there’s a short one-shot, which is actually a continuation of the I-O-N story from that one-shot collection, which is very cute and sweet, even if I didn’t remember the characters too well.
Um, that’s it pretty much. I’m hoping the next volume is good, and it looks like some exciting (and possibly upsetting) things are going to happen, so I’m looking forward to that.

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