Sunday, December 30, 2012

Manga Review: The Earl and the Fairy, Volume 4, by Ayuko and Mizue Tani

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5 (maybe up to four)
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 4

Goodreads Synopsis:

Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor,one of the few people with the ability to see the magical creatures who share our world. During one of her rare trips to London to visit her father, Lydia’ s quiet life is suddenly transformed when she is rescued from kidnappers by a mysterious young man.

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This was a pretty nice ending to the series. It got a bit (only a bit, not overly so) intense there for a while.
So, the last book ended with Lydia being locked up in some abandoned warehouse, and… Um, she finds that she’s not the only one there, and then Nico shows up, and then Edgar and Raven show up. They find out something much darker is going on, and Edgar has a big confrontation with Rosalie (which was great), and… some other stuff happens until the case is solved. I don’t want to ruin everything, since this is the last volume, so I’m not going to go into any more details on that.
The final fight, or whatever, scene was a little anticlimactic, which was a bit disappointing. It’s just… so much was worked up to it, and then it just kind of happened, there wasn’t some big move to do it, Edgar and Lydia barely even had any part in bringing that plot to a close. It seemed a little like not a lot of effort or thought was put into it, like maybe the author only had a certain amount of pages to work with, and she’d already used up so much. But maybe that’s just me.
The romance actually had a rather satisfying end, in my opinion. There were some sweet scenes between Lydia and Edgar, and while there wasn’t any kissing or real confessions or anything, they’re friendly with each other and are going to continue working with each other, and it’s at least hinting that something is probably going to happen in the future. Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing any of that, but it’s a pretty good end for the two, considering; this didn’t seem like the type of manga that would have had some big confession or over-the-top romantic scene, anyway, so what happened was good for me.
Given my mediocre feelings toward most of the series prior to this book, I would say that this was a rather good ending, especially since I even upped the rating about half a star. This was a very nice ending to the series; I’m happy with it.

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