Sunday, December 16, 2012

Novel Review: Undead and Unreturnable (Undead, #4) by MaryJanice Davidson

Genre: Adult Supernatural/Paranormal Romance
Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Publisher: Penguin (Berkley Sensation)
Spoilers?: Somewhat minor/Yes.

Goodreads Synopsis:

 MaryJanice Davidson gives vampire queen Betsy Taylor a Christmas to remember in this fourth funny outing in her bestselling Undead series. This time, Betsy's holiday cup runneth over. For starters, Betsy's mother has finally erected Betsy's tombstone in the local cemetery. A psycho nut job serial killer is targeting tall, thin blondes in the Twin Cities: women who look like Betsy. Her vampire mate, Eric Sinclair, is balking at wedding planning and at the modern notion of communication, while her hateful stepmother has just had a baby. Of course, it's time for the irrepressible Betsy to launch an advice column for vampires trying to cope and to team up with a freshly killed ghost to track down her murderer. But why does her sister, Laura, keep taking out that sword? As usual, Betsy floats triumphantly in a sea of chaos, helped and hindered by the usual madcap cast of vampires and humans. (Plus more on Goodreads.)

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I enjoy these books. I like them enough, they aren’t my favorite, but they are easy and fun to read. Generally when I finish one book, I want to immediately read the next one, which is nice, but I also don’t really have a lot to say about each book.
In this book, Betsy is having some troubles with Sinclair, pertaining to him finding out that she can read his mind during sex but he can’t read hers but the book says he should be able to. Betsy’s step-mother also gave birth so she now has a little brother, who seems to particularly like Betsy, which Betsy enjoys because (1) her step-mother doesn’t like it, (2) she gets to spend more time with him, and (3) she likes kids and this way gets to be around him, since she is now unable to have her own. There’s also a serial killer around the neighborhood killing women who look like Betsy, and Betsy ends up finding the guy when one of his now-dead victims comes to her for help.
I liked the Sinclair plot line, as I always do, because I love romance and smut is always fun. There wasn’t really that much time given to Betsy spending time with her half-brother, but I did like what I saw. And the last, serial killer plot line got barely any time, and seemed mostly like a ploy to introduce a new character, Cathie, who is a ghost and seems to be sticking around because Betsy’s life is much more interesting than hers was. Also, to bring Nick, the cop that liked Betsy, into Jes’ life.
Oh, also, there was some drama with Laura, Betsy’s sister who’s a spawn from the devil. I didn’t mind Laura before, but now I don’t like her so much. She went a little crazy at one point and attacked George the Fiend, the vampire that the old master made and starved, and so turned into a twisted creature but, with Betsy’s blood, is starting to turn normal again. I like George, and am looking forward to him turning more normal and talking more, and I just kind of like him for some reason, and so I do not forgive Laura for attacking him. I don’t even care as much that she attacked Betsy, but that does make it worse. I think her punishment was good, but I’m still not happy with her, and I do believe that she’s only going to turn more evil later in the series.
There was also a small plot line with Jon, a character from an earlier book who liked Betsy, who is staying with them and taking a college class and writing a story about Betsy, which unless something big happens with it later, I don’t really care about. Although, one thing bothered me with that: he’s taking a biography-type class, and brought it up to the teacher to write a biography-type story about a fictional character that he’s making up, to cover for Betsy. My problem with this is that, it isn’t a biography if it’s a fictional character. That’s a novel, a fictional book. Not non-fiction. If you wanted to pass something real off as fiction, then take a fiction writing class. That just annoyed me for some reason.
That’s pretty much all I have to say. I liked the book, and am looking forward to the next one.

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