Sunday, December 2, 2012

Novel Review: The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family, #1) by MaryJanice Davidson

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Publisher: Kansington Publishing Corp. (Brava Books)
Spoilers?: Minor.

Goodreads Synopsis:

In this delightful and dazzling erotic novel, MaryJanice Davidson creates an alternate contemporary world nearly identical to ours in which Russia never sold the Alaskan territory to the United States. Instead, Alaska has won its independence and established itself as a constitutional monarchy...and now, the King of Alaska badly needs a bride for his son and heir... The country of Alaska is as forbidding as it is beautiful. And the royal family is as rough-around-the-edges as they are coolly civilized. Other royal families may find them shocking, but after all, in this wilderness kingdom, being a crack shot and expert trapper is just as important as knowing your salad fork from your dessert fork. Unfortunately, when the rest of the royals find you mildly savage, marrying off your royal brood can be a royal pain. King Alexander II is desperate. Why, he'd settle for any girl. A commoner. An American, even Stranded tourist Christina Krabbe is American, and a commoner, but she has zero interest in enduring a royal wedding, producing royal heirs, and becoming Queen of Alaska...until she gets a good look at Prince David. He may be a bit unruly--actually, the words untamed and slightly dangerous come to mind--but Christina's no delicate flower herself. And when His Highness discovers Christina can give as good as she gets, he's Prince Charmed, if not quite charming. But can a wild man Prince and a modern American girl make a life together? And will the palace still be standing when the dust clears?

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This book was not amazing, but I still really enjoyed it.
This was the first in the series, and the last one that I read. It focused on Prince David and Christina, who incidentally get pushed together, and end up falling for each other anyway.
After seeing them in the other books, I knew I liked them, and was just interested in seeing how they met and how it all started. It kind of started with their father, and I enjoyed their story. They moved a bit slowly with falling for each other, which I liked since it usually happens much faster, and there was still that expected Davidson humor, which worked really well here.
One thing that seemed a bit odd to me, was that this book seemed to have more effort put into it than the others in the series, and you could very easily tell that this was originally going to be a stand-alone. There were some little tidbits put in that told of what happened to them later, including the excerpts written from Edmunds (I believe? Or was it supposed to be someone in his family, a son or grandson?) book. There wasn’t anything like that in the other books, which doesn’t make them tie in together all that well, but that’s all right. Also, there was a tiny action, suspense plot in the book, near the end, when there wasn’t really any of that in the other books.
I found the book rather interesting, and very entertaining. Also, as I said in the previous review, I like Edmund. He’s so very entertaining. I think I liked him best in the third book, but he’s fun in all of them. I would just like to see more of him.
I also got to know Nicholas better, and a tiny bit more of Alex the boy. I like all of the characters, really, and would like to get to know them all better. I want to know what happens with them.
This was a good book. I liked it about as much as I like Davidson’s other books, and look forward to reading her others.

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