Saturday, December 1, 2012

Novel Review: Kitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville, #6) by Carrie Vaughn

              Genre: Adult Paranormal/Fantasy (Light Romance)

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5-4
Publisher: Hachette Book Group/Grand Central Publishing
Spoilers?: No/Very Minor

               Goodreads Synopsis:

Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.

Kitty and Ben flee The City That Never Sleeps, thinking they were finished with the dangers there, but the sadistic cult of lycanthropes and their vampire priestess have laid a curse on Kitty in revenge for her disrupting their rituals. Starting at the next full moon, danger and destruction the form of fire strikes Kitty and the pack of werewolves she's sworn to protect.

She enlists the help of a group of TV paranormal investigators - one of whom has real psychic abilities - to help her get to the bottom of the curse that's been laid on her. Rick, the Master vampire of Denver, believes a deeper plot lies behind the curse, and he and Kitty argue about whether or not to accept the help of a professional demon hunter - and vampire - named Roman, who arrives a little too conveniently in the nick of time.

Unable to rely on Rick, and unwilling to accept Roman's offer of help for a price, Kitty and her band of allies, including Vegas magician Odysseus Grant and Kitty's own radio audience, mount a trap for the supernatural being behind the curse, a destructive force summoned by the vengeful cult, a supernatural being that none of them ever thought to face.

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So, I’m a pretty big fan of Carrie Vaughn. The first book of hers I read was her first YA book, when it first came out, and then quickly moved to this series, and was instantly caught. I was surprised with how much I liked it, and how quickly I got through the first couple books, and now it’s been a while since I read the last one, but I finally picked this one up. And, again, really enjoyed it.
In this book, Kitty is going up against the Band of Tiamat, the group that she fought in the previous book, only by fighting with a creature they sent after her. She’s still dealing with her pack, who seem to be a bit unhappy with how she’s handling things. Plus, there’s a paranormal TV show coming to town, and she wants to interact with the paranormal investigators all she can, see if they’re real, have them on her show, and is a bit surprised by what she finds out.
So, this was a good book. I love Kitty. She’s nice and entertaining and curious, and I quite like what she’ll do for publicity, and how much she works to get publicity while still not going too far. I like the writing, it’s easy to get through, not overly pretty but not in any way boring either. I’m growing to like Kitty and Ben together. At first, I was all for Kitty and Cormac, and it has taken me a while to get used to Kitty and Ben. They just… It was so sudden, it happened so fast, and I didn’t really believe that Kitty felt real love toward Ben. Now, while I’m looking forward to more convincing in the next books, I am feeling it a bit more. I always liked Ben, I’m just getting used to the KittyandBen romance. There was also, actually, a very tiny, one page, not too explicit, sex scene, which was unexpected (since Vaughn doesn’t tend to do those, at least that I’ve read so far) and very nice.
This book, when it came to action, was good. The TV show crew was cool, their enemy was definitely neat, it wasn’t over-the-top, can’t-look-away exciting, but the action was still very good. I don’t think that, what happened with the Band of Tiamat really ended it, but maybe it did and is going to move onto the bigger bad guy we met, who’s story intersects with that one, and is definitely not over. Either way, that is sure to be interesting, even if it does take a few more books to get to it.
This series is usually not totally filled with action, it takes its time getting there, but it's always worth it, and it's never boring along the way. There's usually quite a bit going on in each book, too; a main plot, a main bad guy, but then a couple other sub plots happening as well. The time spent on each item is evened out rather well, though, and keeps me interested.
Oh, we got to meet a new character: Peter, T.J.’s little brother. I hope we get to see more of him, because I liked T.J., and it’s obvious how much Kitty misses him. We got to see a tiny bit of Cormac, and that was nice. There weren’t too many, but there were a couple of radio, on-air scenes, which are always really fun to read, one of my favorite parts of these books.
This book was very good, and I’m hoping to read the next one very soon.

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