Saturday, October 4, 2014

Manga Review: Vampire Knight, Volume 18, by Matsuri Hino

 Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Shojo Beat (VIZ Media)
Release Date: May 6, 2014
Volumes: 19
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 12. 17. 19 (and Limited Edition ).

Goodreads Synopsis:

Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, protecting the Day Class from the Academy’s dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires!

Yukio and Zero team up to go after Kaname. Yuki and Kaname fight each other in the headquarters of the Hunter Society while Sara tries to control Zero through her blood. The female progenitor’s origin metal intervenes, and Yuki realizes there is only one way to stop Kaname…


The next volume is the last one. I don’t think that’s really hit me yet. It sure doesn’t feel like the series is ready to be over yet. (Although, I must say, I’m super excited for the limited edition of volume 19 to be out, because I bet it is going to be beautiful. And the artbook coming with it? Ohmygod am I excited for that.)
I’m not even sure what’s going on anymore. It’s messy, and there’s so much happening. The stuff with Kaname is getting serious, and I don’t like it. Then more stuff is happening with Zero, and now I don’t even know how to feel about it. Right now, it’s messy and I’m unsure.
The end of the volume wasn’t good, and it’s really starting to look like there are a lot of really bad things going to happen in the next volume. It kind of scares me, because I have no idea what outcome to expect at this point.
I’m excited to see how it all ends, but also kind of dreading it. I’m looking forward to it either way, though.

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