Sunday, November 2, 2014

Novel Review: Trust Me On This by Jennifer Crusie

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Comedy
Publisher: Bantam Books (Random House)
Release Date: 1997
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

New York Times bestselling novelist Jennifer Crusie combines fast-paced banter, sexy situations, and unforgettable characters in this delightful romance about two reluctant lovers who couldn’t be more wrong about being right for each other.

Dennie Banks is an investigative reporter chasing down the biggest story of her career. Alec Prentice is a government agent working undercover to catch an elusive grifter. When they meet by accident, it’s a case of mistaken identities at first sight. What they don’t mistake is the instant attraction they have for each other, an attraction they’ll do everything in their power to resist—because Dennie thinks that Alec is running interference for her interview subject, and Alec suspects that Dennie is linked to his swindler. As the confusion grows, so do their feelings for each other, and what begins as a romantic comedy of errors may just end in the love affair of a lifetime. 

The Cover:

I actually think this cover is pretty cute, but I don't think it goes with this book. I mean, there isn't even a dog in this book. Dennie has one, but she's only mentioned. I looks more vacation than this book has, and it's false advertising.


This was the first Crusie book I’d read in a while, and it threw me right back into her writing. It was exactly what I needed.
Crusie writes witty, fast-paced banter like no one else. It just flows, fast and realistic and fun.
There’s a big mix-up in this book, as Alec is trying to trick a conman and thinks that Dennie is helping the guy, while Dennie is simply trying to get a story from Alec’s Aunt’s friend. They both have troubles along the way, as well as some attraction that is hard to resist, leading to a very nice conclusion.
This book was just plain fun. The group of characters are fun on their own, and the big messed-up tangle they’re in just adds to it.
I’m really glad that I picked it up. It went by very fast, and was a very enjoyable chick-litty book.

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