Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wishlist Thursday[128]: Kiss Him, Not Me! by Junko

Kiss Him, Not Me! 1 by Junko
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Volumes: 6+

Goodreads Synopsis:

Hi there! My name is Serinuma Kae.I’m the kind of girl who loves checking out boys and fantasizing about them getting friendly (and more) with each other—I’m what you might call a fujoshi.

One day, my beloved (yes, he’s an anime character) died, and the shock of it all was more than I could have ever prepared for! My grief over his passing resulted in some ridiculous weight-loss!

And you won’t believe what happened next! Soon after my change, the four most divinely gorgeous boys in my school asked me out on dates! I accepted them all, and you’d think I’d be happy with my sudden popularity, but the truth is, my heart only yearns for a prince to be next to his prince. Ahh, yes, boys, I’d much prefer that you turn your affections elsewhere and KISS HIM, NOT ME!


I am seriously excited for this book. Kodansha has licensed a couple shojo series lately (including another out the week after this one), and they sound so good. This sounds more comedy, what with the heroine being obsessed with BL and not interested in romance for herself. It sounds funny and adorable, and the artwork looks nice. I can’t wait for this one.

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